The Need for Structured Cabling Solutions

If you have a business or company and you intend to install a cabled network someday it is important to know that the kind of cabling you use will determine the efficiency of the network. Structured cabling solutions offer the best choice if you want the entire information technology network in your organization to have a longer lifetime and also be competent. The cabling solutions which you get will act as the foundation for activities within your organization and therefore you shouldn’t go wrong when making the right choice.

With structured cabling solutions, the network is properly designed, installed as well as administered and as a result reducing the costs incurred at every phase of the system’s life cycle. The cycle usually includes activities such as installation of the network which involves moving the cables, adding more cables and making other changes. There is also the maintenance and administration phase. You should never overlook or underestimate the importance of cabling at any point in the cycle.


An inferior cabling solution is one of the largest causes of about 70% of network downtime in many companies or organizations. So, you will effectively get rid of such downtime if you use structured cabling solutions in your organization.

If you make use of a structured cabling solution, the network in your organization will be future-proofed and you’ll have guaranteed application support in the future which will make sure that your investment is operational for the longest time of its cycle. You will also have warranties for cables and other networking products that you purchased. The warranty can go up to 25 years depending on the particular company you are dealing with. It is important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company.

To determine if the company you are dealing with offers genuine products, you will need to check the customer reviews on the products purchased from that company.

A good company that offers good products will receive positive reviews for the products as well as services it offers. Services include things like installation of the network, maintenance, and providence of support about the use of the products where necessary. It will be better to also deal with companies that have been in existence for a considerably long time.

Usually, it will take a company’s provision of good products and services to be around for very long. That does not mean that you should just ignore all other companies because they are new or have not been around for long. There are some new companies which have superb products too and therefore it will depend upon your careful evaluation to determine the company to deal with.