Fiber Backbone

Fiber backbone systems provide needed interconnects in your facility, giving the necessary cabling foundation you want to stay connected. From your head office to telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms, and the manufacturing floor – backbone fiber holds it all together.


Fiber backbone provides the vital telecommunications passage between different areas. Particularly for occupied and confounded businesses where the quick and proficient trade of data is vital, a backbone fiber arrangement that can be relied on upon is a remarkably profitable resource. With this in your mind, if you’re buying a cable for a healthcare equipment or manufacturing network, an optical backbone fiber system guarantees that any facility is wired for progress.

When arranging an office, it is important to expect the correspondences requests both now and later on years. By arranging developing information recurrence and transmission capacity prerequisites, bigger reserve funds can be accomplished later on.

Backbone Fiber Includes:

Protected and UN-shielded Category 5e Power Sum Multi-Pair Cable

Protected Cat6 and UN-shielded Cat6 Cable

Protected and UN-shielded Cat 3 turned match commence cable

Plenum Multi mode and single mode indoor and outside protected cable

Mechanical Ethernet copper

Multi unit plenum cable

Fiber Optical Backbone Cable Benefits

Due to its ability to carry much data than copper, fiber optic is frequently used to connect switches within telecommunications rooms. In this capability, it acts as a data backbone between rooms. Fiber is also generally used for longer runs.As a backbone cabling determination, multi-mode fiber can support Gigabit Ethernet up to 1,000 meters, and furthermore single mode can hold it up to 5,000 meters. In the end, when fiber optic cable is settled as a backbone fiber arrangement – the level of flexibility came to is substantially higher.

Cat 3- 5e- 5a-6 or 6a for Backbone fiber?

Cat3 Cable is just utilized as a voice backbone cable in telecommunications rooms. It is not utilized to convey information. With respect to this, the most valuable and furthermore future-verification determination for media communications backbone fiber that can carry both voice.